Religious Education Ministry News – November 2018 – Rebecca Fricke, DRE

Let’s embrace the darkness, dance in the swirling leaves, crunch on apples and carve our pumpkins, and find small ways to share the upcoming holidays with those of us who are less fortunate.

Preschool: Fall is a good time to explore family and friends and talk about our UU Seven Principles. Jacy has an endless amount of good energy for our littlest members.

Elementary: Every Sunday I work with K-5th graders to tackle a different UU topic through art, drama, and other kinds of activities. Since the start of our year we have made shoe box sanctuaries, designed our own chalices and talked about the “official names” of things in our sanctuary. We will continue to working on learning UU basics like our principles and our sources. One wonderful addition to our program is that Maura Whalen has volunteered to help the children become part of the choir once a month. After most RE sessions the children will practice songs and hymns for the upcoming whole congregation service.

Sanctuary Keepers: This year 6th – 8th graders will be helping the adult sanctuary keepers complete the tasks necessary for a smooth service. Thanks to Kyle Cave, Steve Ransford and Elliott Kelly for giving these young people guidance and trusting them with these serious responsibilities.

Finally, thank you to the families who are signed up for our RE programming! If you know of families who would like to join us – the more the merrier!

Director of Religious Education

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