Religious Eduction Ministry News – Rebecca Fricke- July 2019

Summer is here at last! In between vacations, camp and relaxing, remember the UUSA continues to provide worship every Sunday. During the summer Jacy Armenti provides fun and varied games and activities every Sunday, except for the last Sunday of the month.

People wonder what I do during the summer, and I thought I would take a moment to describe my goals for the coming months. I have 25 hours to clean up our RE space, order supplies and plan curriculum. This summer I am excited to work with Jenn Chylack on our Coming of Age program, which we will be offering to 7th – 9th graders from September – May. Lesley Smith and I also have a plan for outlining a book that would focus on merging stand-alone RE lessons and mindfulness. I am also looking forward to working with Rev. Rachael, and I will do my best to help her settle in.

Please talk to me if you are interested in volunteering downstairs. The children at the UUSA are OUR children, and one of the reasons families come is so that their children can get to know a community of people of all different ages. It is meaningful when adults from upstairs come down to be with the RE group, and I think you will find working with RE is a different form of worship. Please contact me for more information: or 413-687- 8722.

Rebecca Fricke, Director of Religious Education

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