Search Committee – January 2018 UPDATE

UUSA Community –

Your Search Committee has begun the new year with a burst of energy!  On January 2nd, we gained access to a list of nineteen ministerial candidates interested in the UUSA.  We spent the first week of January reading the Ministerial Records and perusing the packets of those candidates to learn more about their preaching styles, their backgrounds, their influences, and their experience.  We have generated a “short list” of interviewees, conducted Skype interviews, and winnowed the list further to an “even shorter list” of pre-candidates.

We’ve been very pleased to see that the ministers with whom we have spoken feel that our Congregational Record and our Packet convey the UUSA’s warmth and community spirit. Candidates appear to see us as a healthy congregation with great potential for future growth and development.  These impressions are encouraging!

As we’ve said before, confidentiality becomes extremely important at this stage of the search process.  As we narrow the field of candidates and check primary and secondary references, we will be taking special care to maintain the confidentiality of the ministers in search.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we hunker down to get this work done.

Our next step will be to choose 3-4 candidates to preach at “neutral pulpits” – churches where neither we nor they are known – and spend from Friday through Sunday of each neutral pulpit weekend in interviews and casual conversations over meals.  You won’t be seeing much of us for a while, but rest assured that we are on schedule, we are collaborating well as a Search Committee, and we are feeling very optimistic about our work.

We thank you for your love and support along this exciting journey.  Onward!

Ministerial Search Committee:

Carolyn Cave (chair), Jenn Chylack, Lisa Cyr, Mary Herman, Anne Perkins, Steve Rice

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