Social Action – December 2019

Just One Thing On December 8, a collection for the Amherst Survival Center will occur. As the days get colder the demands for food increase. The specific foods needed will be listed in the weekly announcements closer to that date. Our Society has always been very generous helping those in need. Thank you for your continuous support. For information contact Mary Beth Seminario.

Sanctuary The week of January 13 our help is needed to provide suppers for Lucio Perez and three of his children. Lucio has been in sanctuary at First Church for more than two years. The support of more than 200 people, including those from many faith groups, has made it possible for him to challenge decisions ordering him to leave this country. This backing has helped him weather the emotional turbulence of dealing with ICE and the courts while separated from his wife and children.

Two people are needed for provide meals for Lucio and his children on both Monday, January 13, and Thursday, January 16, and one is needed on Tuesday, January 14 for Lucio. Many different people in our Society have had the privilege of supporting this very humble and deeply religious man and his family. At the end of October the RE K – 6 children and their families, Martha Nelson, Maria Lydia Spinelli and Carolyn Thomas brought meals. If you can help, please contact Mary Beth Seminario, 413-253- 0894. Thank you.

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