Special Congregational Meeting on Search Committee on Sunday March 12

There will be a Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 12, after the service to amend the UUSA Bylaws to create a larger Ministerial Search committee with four elected and three appointed members. A section of the current bylaws reads:

A. Search Committee. The Ministerial Search Committee shall consist of five Active Members elected at a Special Meeting called for this purpose. The Leadership Development Committee shall present a slate of at least eight candidates, and additional nominations from the floor shall be in order. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

The amended section of the bylaws would read:

A. Search Committee. The Search Committee for a Minister shall be composed of seven Active Mem-bers of our Congregation. The Congregation will nominate people to serve on the Committee. The Board will present a slate of candidates composed of Members who have been nominated, consulted, and who are willing to serve. The Congregation will vote by secret ballot for Search Committee members at a congregational meeting; nominations will also be accepted from the floor during that meeting. The top four vote-getters on the slate will serve on the Committee. The three additional Search Committee members will be people from the slate or nominated from the floor who are appointed by the Board of Trus-tees to ensure demographic balance on the Search Committee.

A second Special Congregational Meeting may be held on May 21 to elect members of the Search Committee.

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