UUSA THE VOTE – July 2020 Update

As of early July, UUSA the Vote Volunteers and the Leverett Chorus have mailed 4,800 postcards to voters of color in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina. Donations have been really helpful, and the Core Team is ordering another 6,000 Vote for Our Lives postcards to use this summer. Our partner is Reclaim Our Vote Campaign, a non-partisan post carding, phone bank and text banking campaign created by the Center for Common Ground. It focuses on contacting voters of color in voter-suppression states to help them register and vote. Their North Carolina strategy has three purposes:

  • Encourage voters of color to vote.Send them to a website to pledge to vote.
  • This will update the NAACP voter database.
  • Ask them to pass along what they know to five more people.Are you curious about how our own state’s process will work for our next election, the September 1 state primary? Start by finding out if you are correctly registered to vote. Use this link: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/VoterRegistrationSearch/MyVoterRegStatus.aspx

If you have moved or neglected to send in your town census form, this is particularly important. Your registration information will drive where election officials send you information and applications to vote by mail.
Do you have Massachusetts friends and families that you would like to encourage to vote? Copy and paste the connection above, email them and ask if they are preparing to vote. For other states a national non-profit, https://www.vote.org/, provides information.

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