We Have a New Website!

The newly formed Digital Outreach Committee (DOC) has launched an exciting new website for our Society. The website is based on a Word Press theme developed by the UUA and has been customized for our Societies’ particular information and needs. This website is mobile friendly and will work well on your mobile phones and tablets as well as your desktops and laptop computers. The website is packed with information that’s is important to you and new visitors as well. You will see colorful photos as well as the upcoming information on Sunday services and events. The committee is comprised of Karen Fisk, Rebecca Fricke, Janis Gray, Bo Mack and Steve Rice. Janis and Steve are currently co-chairs and Bo Mack is the webmaster. The committee would be happy to receive your comments about the website and especially any corrections that might be needed. In additional to developing and maintaining our new website, the DOC will be responsible for social media.

Please email the webmaster with noted issues or comments.

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