When the Nights are Long, the Stars Shine Bright: Musings from the Interim Minister’s Inkwell – Dec. 2017

For some unknown reason, I have had a harder time this year adjusting to the end of Daylight Savings Time. Besides the fact that my circadian rhythm never got the memo to readjust, I am more aware that I seem to be doing a whole lot more driving in the dark. And so what do I do? I tend to look up. I search for the moon and the stars, and sometimes I even pull over on a clear night and do my gazing from a safe place. And when there’s cloud cover that is blocking out all cosmic light, I navigate the two “eyes” of my car (Nelle) to guide me through the inky darkness and help me find home, again.

As we plunge deeper into this season of more darkness than light, I’m reminded of all those moments through-out our human journey when we each struggle with “the dark night of our soul,” when we become overwhelmed by the crises and challenges and grief that confront us. In such instances we oftentimes find it difficult to “see the light” which will lead us to a better place of emotional and physical safety and equanimity. So we look for the metaphorical moon and stars to guide us out of the darkness of despair, pain and suffering. Sometimes it feels as if the void is bottomless and the light, itself, has been snuffed out. THEN, someone turns on their light, and another, and another. They are lights of kindness and thoughtfulness, of compassion, healing and hope. Whether they are like a single candle in the night that makes us feel safe and steadier, or like strings of Christmas lights that bring a smile to our face, each sparkling beam is helping us to see our way through the darkness that we might find home again.

If anything, this season reminds us that we, too, can be guiding lights for each other.

My prayer for you in this holiday season is that you will find peace and comfort and joy beneath the guiding lights of the heavens when the nights are long and the way seems dark. And when the moon and the stars are obscured by black clouds, may you be blessed by the light of others to illuminate your world so you can be welcomed home by the beauty of your own reflection in their eyes.

Blessings on you and yours . . . Rev. Cindy

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