Karen Fisk

“I have always believed that God is love: a verb, a process, a way of being. When I was in second grade I remember rejecting the idea of a God who damns people who are not Christian—I knew that God loved each and all of us. When I discovered Unitarian Universalism I was overjoyed to find a faith open to this very concept—“God is Love” was the banner that adorned Universalist meetings of the turn of the century. I found that process theology—the idea that living your faith defines your God—fit very comfortably in the UU Principles and Sources along with other theological philosophies that have at their heart love and kindness. I also reveled in the imperative Unitarian Universalism put on the human agency necessary to build a better world, because as much as I believed that there was a power uniting all of us, I knew it is up to us to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. I met people who lived their faith every single day, striving always to be their better selves—even through acts as simple and profound as smiling and saying ‘I see you. You matter.’ I found a spiritual home among the people of the UU faith.”—Karen Fisk