Our Delegates Report from the UU United Nations Intergenerational Spring Seminar

In mid-April, a small delegation from the UUSA (Emma McIntire, Allison Brau, and Kate Rice) attended the UU United Nations Office Intergenerational Spring Seminar. This year the topic was Equity in Action: Gender in an Intersecting World. We focused on how equity is needed in order to achieve equality, and how the intersection of multiple oppressions, such as racism and sexism, causes people to be discriminated against in multiple intersecting ways. Highlights included keynote speaker Ericka Hart (incredible! check out ihartericka.com) and meeting lots of amazing and fun people of all ages. We attended workshops in which we learned why it’s important to broaden our perspective and appreciate others’ experiences, practiced talking about difficult subjects, and considered how to take action in our own lives. We visited the United Nations headquarters for a panel discussion on the impact of gender equity in global politics featuring an array of diplomats and NGO representatives. It was a powerful three days spent learning about gender equity and activism, and we became part of an amazing community of youth and adults.

So what’s next? We encourage the UUSA to be more actively inclusive of people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and young people (including college students). Ask us about our experiences and how to support people of all identities. Think about how we can further educate ourselves and the greater community.

We are considering becoming UU-UNO envoys to represent the UU United Nations Office within our congregation. In this role, we could help get the UUSA involved in international issues and share important information on current UN and UU-UNO activities. Stay tuned for updates!

Ally, Emma, & Kate

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