The Big BIG FUNdraiser for UUSA – October 17, 7 PM.

Our MAJOR fundraising event for the year!

What: Let’s raise money for our congregation and let’s have some fun doing it!

Why: What can we count on to nourish and sustain us?  Family, friends… the UUSA! … the amazing Rev. Rachael, the oh-so-competent Lea, our wonderful Rebecca and Jacy keeping RE ticking, Brenda’s lovely music, and David keeping the meetinghouse in shape.  These people and our meetinghouse need to be sustained and we need a successful fundraiser to have a balanced budget this year. 

How: With Covid-19 in the picture, we will not have in-person fundraisers and we will not need to do the work! We do want to celebrate, so we will gather for a Zoom Variety Show.

When:  How about sending a donation right now or at least by October 10. We know not everyone can make a donation in these times, but this will be our major fundraiser for the year, so please write a generous check, if you are able.You can pay on-line with PayPal here. (this costs the UUSA 3% of your donation) or simply write a check payable to UUSA and send it to

UUSA, P. O. Box 502, Amherst, MA 01004-0502

(Write FUNdraiser in the memo line)

Reward: The Zoom Variety Show! Mark your calendars for October 17, 7-8:30

Family skits, poems, music, stand-up comedy, stories are all good options. You may think of another good option, too. Each act will be short (1-3 minutes). If you would like to be part of the show, click here to let us know what you plan to do. First come, first served, until we fill up the program! 

Please send your check soon, or at least before October 10, so we can tell you how much we raised for our beloved UUSA when we have  our Zoom Variety Show 

Thank you!

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