The Connecticut River Watershed Council works to protect the watershed from source to sea. From alpine forests to tidal estuaries, rural farmlands to urban riverfronts, spotted salamanders to bald eagles and mussels to salmon, the Connecticut River watershed unites a diversity of habitats, communities and resources. The Council states, “As stewards of this heritage, we celebrate our fourstate treasure and collaborate, educate, organize, restore, and intervene to preserve the health of the whole for generations to come. Our work informs our vision of ecological and economic abundance.” The Council undertakes a wide variety of projects to preserve and maintain the river and its watershed. Of these, UUSA members are perhaps most familiar with the annual Source to Sea Cleanup, in which we participate every year. UUSA member Andrew Fisk is the Executive Director of the Council; Andy and his wife Karen Fisk are active supporters of our Society.

Dedicated Offerings provide a way for our Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst community to recognize and financially support worthy organizations engaged in projects that reflect our guiding Unitarian-Universalist principles. Our April Dedicated Offering will be on April 23 (the fourth Sunday of the month this time, not the third!). We hope you will give generously.