The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Society. The Board conducts its business in accordance with the UUSA Bylaws. To learn about how we make decisions and set priorities, see Our Governance. Board Minutes are available to members (or others upon request) in Board Minutes.

Board of Trustees as of July 1, 2022

Co-President: Anne Moore (2023)

Anne Moore has been a member of the UUSA for five years and joined the board two years ago. She deeply values the UU principles and appreciates the generosity and connection of the UUSA community.

Co-President: John Gerber (2024)

I’ll be honest – my immediate reaction to being invited to serve on the UUSA Board was “oh no, not another board.” I’ve been on a few non-profit boards and have had “less than fulfilling experiences” (maybe it’s me).Nevertheless, I’ve felt welcomed by the members of the UUSA from the very first post-service coffee hour (on zoom of course). My experiences for the short time I’ve been a member tells me that there is something special happening here. I feel honored to belong and hope that I may be of service during my time on the Board. 

Treasurer: Eric Murphy (2024)

I moved to this area about 25 years ago from eastern Massachusetts. My wife, daughter (Jess, Jana) and I had never attended a UU service until about 15 years ago when we attended a UUSA service in search of spiritual community. We felt at home here, became members, and have been involved since then. Our daughter attended years of RE programing, my wife served on the board, the ministerial search committee and is now on the Committee on Shared Ministries. I have been attending Small Group Ministries and have recently joined the Finance Committee.

Clerk: Louise Grosslein (2023)

UUSA has been an important part of my life since the 1980’s, when I had young children in RE. I have served in many capacities during that time. Several years ago I was co-chair of the Ministerial Search committee. It was an honor to recommend Rev. Rachael as our new minister. In addition to serving as Clerk of the Board, I am on the Green Sanctuary committee and in the choir. I find that I learn a lot, make friends and deepen my connection to UUSA through my service on committees.

Carolyn Cave (2023)

I am serving on the board because I believe in UU and in this congregation.  Since finding Unitarian Universalism in the 1990s I’ve served two congregations in multiple capacities and find that my membership is more meaningful if I am helping the organization.  Years ago when asked to reflect on why I supported my congregation I realized that the UU Society is where I do a lot of my living! For me, that life is made richer by giving back.

Sue Kelly (2024)

Elliott and I and our 3 year old child moved to Amherst in 2002 from eastern Massachusetts after finishing graduate school and working for a few years. We discovered Unitarian Universalism a few years before we moved here so it was natural for us to seek out the UUSA shortly after we arrived. We joined shortly after a few visits to the UUSA and our second child was dedicated here in the sanctuary. I was raised Congregationalist, and I found some similarities in UU but mostly a “home” that felt accepting and supportive of my many questions.

Deeya Pavelle (2024)

I moved to the Valley just this past July and immediately threw myself into the church and the community. My first foray into the church was the Women’s Circle where I was welcomed with open arms. Prior to UUSA I was a long time UU and at one point, I was the DRE of a small north shore church. So, when I moved to a new area the first thing I did was to find “my people.” I joined at the first book signing I could and am honored to be offered a place on the Board of Trustees.