Board of Trustees as of July 1, 2021

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Society. The Board conducts its business in accordance with the UUSA Bylaws. To learn about how we make decisions and set priorities, see Our Governance. Board Minutes are available to members (or others upon request) in Board Minutes.

CoPresident: Susan Rice (2022)

I serve this congregation because I am indebted to Unitarian Universalism. This religion provided a safe haven for me as a child. My congregation nurtured me and enhanced my self esteem as an unsure and tenuous adolescent. As an adult, UU congregations supported me through providing a loving community for my children as well as meaningful ways for me to work for change in my communities. And this UUSA congregation has provided me with opportunities to deeply explore important aspects of social justice, spirituality and leadership.

Co-President: Anne Moore (2023)

Anne Moore has been a member of the UUSA for four years and joined the board last year. She deeply values the UU principles and appreciates the generosity and connection of the UUSA community.

Treasurer: Peter Lacey (2022)

I serve because I treasure this community and I know without the contributions of volunteers it would not exist. I also serve because I find that working with my fellow UU’s is a meaningful and rewarding form of fellowship.

Clerk: Louise Grosslein (2023)

I am serving on the board because I believe in UU and in this congregation.  Since finding Unitarian Universalism in the 1990s I’ve served two congregations in I serve UUSA because I love it. Unitarian Universalism was a breath of fresh air when I first discovered it as a young adult and it remains a central part of my life. My kids grew up with our RE program. I loved the grounding it gave them and I still love the grounding it gives me. I have found that my deepest connections at UUSA arise from my work with committees and small groups, so when asked to serve as Clerk, I said yes. I feel honored to work with this great group of people!

At Large Members

Carolyn Cave (2023)

I am serving on the board because I believe in UU and in this congregation.  Since finding Unitarian Universalism in the 1990s I’ve served two congregations in multiple capacities and find that my membership is more meaningful if I am helping the organization.  Years ago when asked to reflect on why I supported my congregation I realized that the UU Society is where I do a lot of my living! For me, that life is made richer by giving back.

Sue Alexander (2022)

I responded to the invitation to serve on the Board because of the role the UUSA has played in my life. I became a UU twenty years ago in order to ensure that my granddaughter and I would have a “baggage-free” grounding for our spiritual lives and she would have role models and peers who shared my values for social justice. I joined this congregation in 2016 because I knew I needed a faith community to face the challenges resulting from the presidential election. I found here a welcoming and engaged congregation as well as a place for both spiritual growth and social activism. I am inspired by the ways in which we have responded to the crisis of a global pandemic and committed to address systemic racism and white supremacy in our congregation, community and country. I believe the Board provides the infrastructure necessary to support the ongoing growth and energy of our Unitarian Society.

John Gerber (2022)

II’ll be honest – my immediate reaction to being invited to serve on the UUSA Board was … “oh no, not another board.”  I’ve been on a few non-profit boards and have had “less than fulfilling experiences” (maybe it’s me).  Nevertheless, I’ve felt welcomed by the members of the UUSA from the very first post-service coffee hour (on zoom of course).  My experiences for the short time I’ve been a member of the Sunday Services Committee tell me that there is something special happening here at the UUSA.  I feel honored to belong and hope that I may be of service during my time on the Board.