RE Remote Programming for 2020-2021- Elementary Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

DRE Rebecca Fricke and Jacy Armenti will lead this group.  All children will start with their parents in the congregational Zoom and stay for the chalice lighting, opening words, Time for All Ages.  Then the children will be sung out.  The children will then log into the RE Zoom on their own devices.  RE time will feature Joys and Sorrows, Chalice lighting, getting to know you games and a short RE lesson.  The first Sunday for RE to be sung out is September 20th.

Please email dre’at’ to introduce yourself and ask for the Zoom link.


During a “normal” year Grades K-5 are led by Director of Religious Education (DRE) Rebecca Fricke and a team of adult volunteers 

Every Sunday children will start upstairs at 10:30 a.m. for the Bell and Greeting, Opening Words, Chalice Lighting and first hymn. Children will then be sung downstairs to continue their own service, which will include Joys and Concerns, Music and Meditation and a Story for All Ages. The Sundays’ themes will often complement the ministerial sermon topics.

Discussion will be followed by activities which will include science, art, nature and religious studies. Conversations, activities and group service will nurture children’s ability to identify their own experiences and perspectives and to seek out, care about and respect those of others, especially through the context our Unitarian Universalist faith heritage of public service and anti-racism, anti-oppression activism.

We have a whole-congregation worship almost every month in order to share our faith as one community.  Jacy Armenti will continue to lead the preschool program during this time and we thank her for her caring expertise and continuity.