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Take the Pledge to Defend Our Democratic Process

Defending the Democratic Process: A Faith Community Call to Awareness and Action

The freedom of religion that all Americans cherish is but one treasure passed down to us over the course of the American experiment in self-governance. Democracy itself is another – and a foundation of … read more.


On May 14, the core leadership team held a kick-off to announce our effort, working with the Reclaim Our Vote campaign. We were excited to be working with a black-led non-partisan organization. Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) works in states where the number of people of … read more.

Letter from the Minister – Sept. 2020

Dear UUSA,

It is wonderful to be back among you, preparing for our new program year and worship season. This year, we’ll meditate on the five smooth stones of liberal religion and the five jagged rocks of Unitarian Universalism, taking each one as a monthly theme. … read more.

ION Corner – Sept. 2020

ION (Interfaith Opportunity Network) has taken advantage of Zoom bringing us closer and in many cases making it easier to have both meetings and devotionals throughout the summer.

Our most immediate project involves acting for restorative justice for Native People on the 400th anniversary of the … read more.

The Big BIG FUNdraiser for UUSA – October 17, 7 PM.

Our MAJOR fundraising event for the year!

What: Let’s raise money for our congregation and let’s have some fun doing it!

Why: What can we count on to nourish and sustain us?  Family, friends… the UUSA! … the amazing Rev. Rachael, the oh-so-competent Lea, our wonderful Rebecca … read more.