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Music Notes – July 2020

Although I miss you all terribly, it is heartening that we have remained together and connected throughout this difficult time. I love seeing your faces and do wish that we could sing together. I am hoping that in the fall there will be some better … read more.

ION Corner – July 2020

Standing Up for Racial Justice Weekly Vigil”

Stand with us on Tuesdays 5:006:00 p.m. at the center of Amherst at the corner of Amity & S. Pleasant Street. For releasing the children/immigrants/refugees from the detention camps. For undoing white privilege. Bring big signs, wear masks, continue … read more.

UUSA THE VOTE – July 2020 Update

As of early July, UUSA the Vote Volunteers and the Leverett Chorus have mailed 4,800 postcards to voters of color in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina. Donations have been really helpful, and the Core Team is ordering another 6,000 Vote for Our Lives postcards to … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – July 2020

Ready or not – here comes summer! In between staying safe, staycations, vacations and trying to work in the new normal, remember the UUSA continues to provide worship every Sunday. During the summer Jacy will be Zooming every Sunday (except the last Sunday of the … read more.

Message from the President – July 2020

A year and a half ago, when Joe asked me to consider being VP, I thought carefully before I said “yes,” because I understood that after a year, I would likely be president. But I never expected to be president at such a critical time. … read more.

Green Sanctuary News – June 2020

Make Your Voice Be Heard on Climate Change

As we observe the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that our government at every level is unprepared for current threats to our well-being. I believe that climate change is another such threat on the … read more.

UUSA the Vote – June 2020


UUSA the Vote began fast. True to what we said in the May newsletter, “Although we are staying at home, we are not standing still.”

Our partner is Reclaim Our Vote, a black-led campaign to increase turnout among voters of color by 20% in at … read more.

Religious Education Ministry – June 2020

It is June everyone! I don’t know about you, but this past spring seemed to go on for a very long time. Now we enter a timeof light, sunshine, greenand…yes, well, masks and uncertainty. I hope that despite all of the unknowns we are facing, … read more.

Message from the President – June 2020

Hello friends,
Our annual meeting this year, June 7, will be conducted via Zoom following our worship with a short break to let everyone stretch and refresh. We hope to keep it quite short, just a half hour. Information about the agenda, reports, slate for election, … read more.

Minister’s Letter – June 2020

Dear UUSA,

I feel like I’m starting to catch my balance. The first month of distance ministry was an adrenaline rush to East- er. The second month was the dawning realization that we weren’t taking a break from a reality that we will return to find … read more.