UU Society of Amherst Covid-19 Building Use Policy

This policy is based on the following principles outlined by the UUA:

As a faith community, we root our decisions in the values of inclusion and consent.

  • We follow the science.
  • We will go slow and be flexible.
  • We remain humane and realistic with expectations of ourselves and others.

Stages are determined by looking at the CovidActNow.org status in Hampshire County.

In April 2022, CovidActNow made some changes to align with the current state of COVID and CDC guidelines looks at three things: daily new cases (per 100K), infection rate, and positive test rate. Each is graded on a five-color scale and the highest risk color becomes the location’s overall risk level.

Learn more about COVID risk levels here.

Increased risk category will prompt immediate implementation of more stringent limits. When the risk level lowers, we will wait for two weeks to implement the less stringent limits for the new category. All decisions about such changes should be made by a consensus of the Response Team, consisting of the following: Minister, Congregational Administrator, Director of Religious Education, and one of the Co-Presidents.

We will balance the need to be together with the need to take care of one another.

This is what our responsibility to take care of each other will look like as we apply it to the CovidActNow risk levels – note this policy is currently being updated based on new metrics CovidActNow released in mid-April 2022.