Dedicated Offerings provide a way for our Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst community to recognize and financially support worthy organizations engaged in projects that reflect our guiding Unitarian-Universalist principles.

The Standing Rock Native American Reservation is a Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Native American reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota. Its primary water source, the Missouri River, has been severely threatened by the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL). While progress was recently made to stop the pipeline and thus the degradation of the water and sacred sites, the water protectors’ victory is fragile. Thousands of people, both indigenous and allies, remain camped in tents, teepees and RVs near the site.

Our dedicated offering on December 18 will go to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, one of the camps most dedicated to peaceful actions, ceremony and deep spirituality.