The Hampshire Mosque is a newly renovated building in Hadley, just over the Amherst line.  Unfortunately, the Town of Hadley will not give the members an occupancy permit until they grade and pave their parking lot.  The total cost is estimated to be around $85,000.  Members of the Mosque have already raised $40,000 on their own.  The Rev. Frado started a GoFundMe page that has raised approximately $9,000, and a recent Silent Auction and dinner added an additional $21,000 to the project.  They need about $15,000 more to traverse the gulf that will allow them to pray in their own spiritual home.  We were able to help them in the past with their building renovations, and now we hope to offer them some additional funds toward their goal to worship in their own space.  If you are able to lend your support on December 17 to our Muslim neighbors, it will be greatly appreciated!