What is the pledge drive? Each year, our members and friends support our society financially by making a pledge. Our operating budget and all the work we do is funded by these donations. 

Why are you asking now? We ask for pledge commitments for the coming fiscal year (beginning on July 1st) in the spring so that we have time to finalize the budget and schedule two congregational conversations to discuss it before we vote on it at the congregational Annual Meeting in early/mid-June. 

When do I need to pay my pledge? Most people pay their pledges between July 1 and June 30. Some people give one payment; others divide their pledge into several payments that they send in at convenient times throughout the year. 

How should I pay? Our preferred payment method is via check using the ‘bill pay’ feature of your online banking account (more details below). Alternatively, you can make payments via our website (please do plan to cover fees if you elect to contribute this way). 

What does my money pay for? Every dollar you pledge goes directly to fund the life of our congregation—our minister, religious education, maintaining our building, music, and administrative work. Approximately 75% of our budget relies on pledges. 

Who should pledge? We hope that every member and friend of our society will make a contribution – small or large. When everyone participates, we continue to grow as a unified community. 

Doesn’t the Society get money from other sources? Yes, we also receive money from renting our meetinghouse spaces and from fundraising efforts, but pledges from friends and members are our major source of income. We do not receive any funding from outside or from other organizations. 

I volunteer my time. Why should I also give money? So many people in our congregation give their time and energy! We are so grateful for this, and we also need funds to pay our bills, maintain our building and support our minister and staff. 

How do I pledge? To make it easier on you there are a couple of ways to choose from. You can return the pledge form you received in the mail, or fill in the sample form (below). Or you can complete the online pledge form: FY 25 Online Pledge Form

How much should I give? Because our congregation has diverse economic resources, pledges vary widely. Last year the pledges ranged from $100 to many thousands of dollars, with the average pledge of about $2320 for the year (if all of the over 90 households that received pledge forms this year pledge, we’d need about $2,400 to make our proposed budget for the coming year). We are using the “Prism of Possibilities” guide to help you calculate an amount that is appropriate for you. Please know that every dollar counts so give whatever you are able. We deeply appreciate your generosity! 

What if I have questions or suggestions? Feel free to forward questions to the Board of Trustees (board@uusocietyamherst.org), or to Lea (office@uusocietyamherst.org). 


We encourage you to consider these options for pledging and paying your pledge: 

1) Automatic Monthly Online Bill Payment! 

As you think about your pledge payments, the UUSA encourages you to submit checks directly from your bank via automatic online bill payment. You can set up monthly recurring payments that are equal to your yearly pledge amount divided by 12 months. This is a convenient option for those who use online banking: no need to write or send a monthly check — the bank will do it for you! — avoids the need to write those bothersome checks, avoids mail delays, saves a stamp: you can save your First-Class stamps for your letters to UU friends and family! 

If you do online banking, it’s as simple as logging in to your “Pay My Bills” or “Online Banking & Bill Pay” link — whichever description your bank uses — and having the funds sent directly to the UUSA office. Your bank will ask for the address for UUSA — P.O. Box 502, Amherst, MA 01004 — so they know where to send the funds. It’s easy! And of course, banks are happy to help their customers set it up if you have questions. 

2) Required Minimum Distributions from Your IRA! 

For those of us 70½ years of age and older taking Required Minimum Distributions from our IRA’s, funds can be directed to UUSA directly from the source. It’s easy and it can result in tax advantages for you — funds directed to a charitable organization do not count as income! 

The RMD can happen any time during the year — up to $100,000 (!) can qualify annually for a charitable contribution. Just call your fund and have them directly send however much of your RMD you’d like to go to UUSA. 

Any questions regarding RMDs or Online Bill Payment? 

Email the office: office@uusocietyamherst.org