From September through June, our Unitarian Universalist Society devotes each month to a new Dedicated Offering (DO) recipient and splits every Sunday’s offering plate 50/50 with the recipient organization.

“Ohketeau” is the Nipmuc word for a place to plant and grow. Founded in 2017 in rural Ashfield, this organization has become the center for artistic, cultural and educational programs for the Indigenous communities in western and central Massachusetts. It is a safe place for Native people to work on their physical or musical creations.  Many of these are shared with the Native and public communities through books, workshops and performances. Our speaker will be Rhonda Anderson, the founder as well as a director of Ohketeau. She is Inupiaq-Athabascan from Alaska. Due to a prior commitment, she will describe the center’s importance in a pre-recorded statement. We will also be privileged  to hear some of their music (also pre-recorded).

Thank you in advance for giving generously to support the growth and creativity of Indigenous people at Ohketeau.

Respectfully, Mary Beth Seminario