The Leadership Development Ministry is committed to doing its part to nurture Beloved Community for our Congregation by facilitating nominations for our Board of Trustees and for the ongoing Leadership Development Ministry.

Building a cohesive, empowered, excited leadership team is a process that requires the help of the entire Congregation. The members of the Leadership Development Ministry consider this process a spiritual practice: asking, seeking, finding those eager or perhaps simply willing to be servant leaders for this remarkable faith in this loving community. We  ask you to consider your own gifts and the gifts of others in the Congregation and nominate a future leader today.

Leadership at the UUSA offers our members engagement on many different levels: teamwork, strategic planning, caretaking of funds and our building, and of course the essential tasks of governing our UUSA—making important decisions with the trust of our Congregation and in alignment with our mission.

Please consider carefully and nominate someone today [MS Word Form Here], [PDF Form Here].


The Leadership Development Ministry  asks Congregants to consider the many learning opportunities available to help hone and nurture understanding of Unitarian Universalism, progressive leadership styles, and leadership as a spiritual practice—all philosophies that help in the workplace as well as in our Congregation.

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

The New England Region Unitarian Universalist Association

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst


Through our ministry, the Leadership Development Ministry offers an opportunity to accomplish great and essential tasks in the name of our Beloved Community.

For 2021, the LDM is seeking two Board Members and One Leadership Development Ministry Member


Board and Leadership Development Ministry members must be chosen from and by the Active Members of the UUSA. The Leadership Development Ministry (LDM) shall recommend members for election to the Board and also recommend members to serve on the succeeding Leadership Development Ministry.

  • The LDM will contact all nominees by phone to discuss their hopes of serving the Congregation.
  • The LDM will share the Slate for Board approval during April Board Meeting.
  • Approved Slate (with images and bios) will be publicized on the password protected Board page following the April meeting, with time through Mid-May for other nominations.
  • Final slate with Board approval will be publicized two weeks before the June meeting along with all supporting materials for the June Annual Meeting.

We gratefully and carefully review all nominations. Because we have a limited number of places to fill, not all nominations will move on to the slate. We do hope, however, to help all nominees find a place for leadership in the Congregation and will discuss possibilities with all nominees.

Terms begin in July and end in June


Susan RicePresident2021-2022
Emily ShankleClerk2020-2021
Peter LaceyTreasurer2020-2022
Anne MooreAt Large2020-2022
Sue AlexanderAt Large2020-2022
Richard RoznoyAt Large2020-2022
Ben BrauAt Large2019-2021
Emma McIntireYouth2020-2021
Karen FiskPast President2020- 2021

Joe Flueckiger2019-2021
Karen Fisk2020-2022
Jim Hafner2020-2022

For 2021, the LDM is seeking two Board Members and One Leadership Development Ministry Member.