From September to June, our Society donates each month to a dedicated offering recipient and splits 50/50 every Sunday’s offering plate with the recipient organization. Since fall, our members have generously contributed the  following: $1,025 to Letcher County in Eastern KY; $875 to the Hospice of the Fisher Home; $2,100 to Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts; $950 for Local Energy Advocates; $1000 to Ohketeau Cultural Center; and $1,375 for Rise Above. We will report at a later date what we collected in April for The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership.

The Dedicated Offering recipient for May – June will be the Wildflower Alliance.  Established in 2005 under a different name, the Wildflower Alliance supports healing and empowerment for people who have been
incapacitated by psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, extreme states, problems with substances, and other life-
interrupting challenges. At the heart of their work is their important peer to peer support — ordinary people who’ve experienced similar problems communicating with one another. The Alliance presently has locations in Springfield, Greenfield, Holyoke and Northampton, at which different services are offered depending on the location. These include peer-run respite services, drop-in centers for peer support, snacks and coffee, quiet rooms, art and music supplies, and computer and fax machines.

Please give generously to help the Wildflower Alliance support challenged people in their daily lives. Thank you.

Mary Beth Seminario

Dedicated Offering  Committee member