The Dedicated Offering Committee (DOC) selects non-profit organizations that our Society will support with donations from our Sunday collections September – June. We split our collections 50/50 with them. In turn, our UU Society is enriched by learning about organizations we did not know about that are helping enrich our world. The DOC solicits members for names of specific organizations and asks that they complete a specific DO form, which is available in the UUSA office or on-line at A representative from a chosen organization is asked to speak about it on the first Sunday of its month.

The Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) was established in 1952 in Greenfield with the mission of cleaning up pollution in the river and its local watershed. The CRC has grown over the past 70 plus years to include protection of the river and watersheds from its source in northern New Hampshire to the Long Island Sound. There are “river stewards” in the five states along its route who manage these efforts. Volunteers, including many from our UUSA, regularly help with clean-up efforts of the river and its tributaries. Due to this work, this river has been transformed from a cesspool to a place where natural life flourishes. Please give generously to help the Conservancy continue its preservation efforts. Thank you.