From September through June, our Unitarian Universalist Society devotes each month to a new Dedicated Offering (DO) recipient and splits every Sunday’s offering plate 50/50 with the recipient organization. The November Dedicated Offerings will benefit the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts.

“We—your four Massachusetts abortion funds—stand united in our solidarity, blistering fury, and fierce love and protection for our communities. While we have been preparing ourselves for this day, we are no less enraged that our Supreme Court has launched an unconscionable and unprecedented attack on the fundamental right to bodily autonomy, self-determination, and essential health care.”

This is the opening statement from the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts in response to the Supreme Court Dobbs decision.  The Dedicated Offering Committee of the UUSA has chosen this organization to receive our collective Dedicated Offerings for the month of November this year. This is our response to the Dobbs decision!

Known as ARFWM, our local fund works with the other Massachusetts Funds as well as the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). They note, “Abortion is still legal in Massachusetts, and all of your Massachusetts abortion funds will continue doing what we do best—paying for abortions and working to remove any barriers to care for people living in or coming to Massachusetts for abortion services. We know how to do this work and we are prepared for whatever will come.”

The Fund is about 20 years old and has been helping people with abortions all those years.

We will be joined at our November 6 Sunday Service by a member of ARFWM, who will tells us more about the Fund’s response to the Dobbs decision and give us suggestions of how we can help beyond giving money.

Thank you in advance for giving generously to this organization. To learn more go to