From September to June, our Society donates each month to a dedicated offering recipient and splits 50/50  every Sunday’s offering plate with the recipient organization. In August we raised $625 for local farms impacted by summer floods by supporting the Farm Emergency Fund of CISA, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture. We will report in a future newsletter what we raised in September for UUA Disaster Relief Fund to support the Montpelier VT UU congregation, which suffered a great loss when the Connecticut river flooded its building.

The October Dedicated Offerings will go to Maui Strong.  This fund supports victims of the Hawaii wildfires which devastated Lahaina in western Maui.  It is recommended by the UUA  and a UU minister living in Honolulu. The blaze killed at least 115 people, with many still missing, and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. It was the fifth deadliest fire in US history and the worst in this century.  More information can be learned by going to or Lahaina.