As part of our caring Unitarian Universalist Society, the Pastoral Care Team is dedicated to extending and amplifying the pastoral outreach of our Minister and members of our congregation to each other. The Pastoral Care Team enters into a sacred covenant with the members of our congregation, and:

  • assists the Minister in offering confidential pastoral care to members and friends of the UUSA
  • keeps the Minister aware of pastoral needs
  • connects those in need with the Minister, a member of the Pastoral Care Team and/or Caring Circle and
  • keeps the congregation informed about the Pastoral Care Team, its members, mission, role, and responsibilities.

Pastoral Care Team members are: Fran Plumer and Rob Fuderich, co-chairs, Charlie Atwood, Carol Johnson, Pete Rogers and Rev Rachael.

For all who are traveling on life’s journey, through the good times, full of grace, or through the valleys we experience along the way, know that you do not, ever, walk on your path alone.

You are also welcome at any time to contact the Minister with any pastoral care need.

For information on how to reach the contact persons mentioned here, please check our online Members and Friends directory (password protected) or contact the office.