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Interdenominational Affairs – Ion Corner

This fall the Interfaith Opportunity Network (ION) members have worked together to help the Goodwin Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church repair its boiler as well insulate the very old building and make the entrance and bathrooms handicap accessible. Over $25,000 was raised at the … read more.

Social Action – December 2019

Just One Thing On December 8, a collection for the Amherst Survival Center will occur. As the days get colder the demands for food increase. The specific foods needed will be listed in the weekly announcements closer to that date. Our Society has always been … read more.

Men’s Discussion Group Forming

Men are warmly invited to contact Bill Cooksy by calling 413-367-9761 to express interest in joining a Men’s Discussion Group.

The intent is for the group to follow UU principles and to be organized along the lines of the many, already existing small group … read more.

Message from the President – December 2019

Hello friends,

As we immerse ourselves in a season of giving, please consider the ministries of our congregation. Consider the
impact of what we do here simply by gathering together with the intention of worship. Consider the many
ways we reach out to each other and to the … read more.

Minister’s Letter – December 2019

Dear UUSA,

Just like that, we are suddenly in the rush: holiday rush, sugar rush, and the rush to use precious daylight in
these shortest days of the year. In all this rush, keep breathing. It will get done, or it won’t. Whether the pie is
homemade or … read more.

Adult Programing

“Perspectives on Aging in the Valley,” the second outreach/inreach event in the Outreach, Integration and Retention Task Force’s One Night Stand series, was attended by 20 people in late October. The new director of Amherst Senior Services, Mary Beth Ogulewicz, JD, LCSW, shared her … read more.

Choir News – November 2019

Choir news We took an in-choir survey about possibly changing our rehearsal schedule, and decided to keep
the rehearsal time the same as it’s been (Sundays 8:45 – 10:00 a.m) for the time being.

If others in the congregation would like to join the choir, please see … read more.