The Caring Committee, now renamed Caring Circle, is one part of the three-tiered Caring Ministries which includes the Minister, the Caring Circle and the Pastoral Care Team. The Caring Circle’s purpose is to build and maintain a network of caring interaction in the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, providing, with the Minister and the Pastoral Care Team, a multilevel network of pastoral care.

The Caring Circle provides each member and active friend of the UUSA with an ongoing connection to a specific member of the Caring Circle. The Caring Circle’s mission is to be available as a caring contact in times of need and to facilitate good communication between the Society and friends. Caring Circle members are available to offer aid such as food and transportation when needed. In addition, members provide communication through a telephone tree to inform all UUSA members and friends in cases of emergency, such as church closings due to weather or power outages.

The Caring Circle meets monthly to review congregant concerns and update assignments of new members. The group also reviews needs of congregational members who may require special assistance, transportation, meals, visitations, or who have other significant caring issues. Confidentiality is primary to all discussions. The Caring Circle also reviews needs to determine if members can best be served by the Minister or the Pastoral Care Team.

Caring Circle Contact is Catharine Porter (contact info published in Members & Friends directory; or contact the office by email or by calling: 413-253-2848, option 1)