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Green Sanctuary News – June 2020

Make Your Voice Be Heard on Climate Change

As we observe the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that our government at every level is unprepared for current threats to our well-being. I believe that climate change is another such threat on the … read more.

Minister’s Letter – June 2020

Dear UUSA,

I feel like I’m starting to catch my balance. The first month of distance ministry was an adrenaline rush to East- er. The second month was the dawning realization that we weren’t taking a break from a reality that we will return to find … read more.

Minister’s Letter – May 2020

Dear UUSA,

I miss you. I see many of you weekly, or even more frequently, in our Zoom Sunday Services and meetings throughout the week. I acknowledge that it’s not exactly the same to come together over internet and phone, but our principles call us to … read more.

Minister’s Letter – April 2020

Dear UUSA,

In the last three weeks, our lives have changed. We became an online community rather than a physical one. We learned – and are still learning – how to have meaningful worship over Internet and telephone connections. (If you would like some help accessing … read more.

Green Sanctuary Action – March 2020

Green Sanctuary March Action Table President Trump has already dismantled important environmental protections. Now he wants to do something even worse: to weaken the National Environmental Protection Act. Public comments are invited now, ending on March 10. You can submit your comments at … read more.

Minister’s Letter – March 2020

Dear UUSA,

Wash your hands.

You may be thinking right about now that my role is to give out spiritual/ethical/moral guidance rather than
hygiene advice. You’re right. It is my responsibility, however, to address the worries I see around me — and
some of us are worried about the … read more.