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FY 25 Online Pledge Form

In prior years we provided pledging guidance based on income level and level of commitment to the congregation. Last year, we began using something new. We invite you to pledge based not on your income level but from what generosity might feel like in your household. The color categories below represent different types of household finances. We hope that this guide is helpful to you as you decide what amount to pledge this year.

Silver is precious! It shimmers delicately and lends beauty to all it encounters. It tells us that sometimes a fully committed member simply cannot make any pledge at all. They might be in hospice care, incarcerated, experiencing homelessness, or on permanent disability. We mean it when we say that those in every life circumstance are welcome here at the UUSA. If you come from a silver household, please fill out a pledge form to let us know that you are unable to make a pledge this year but would like to continue your membership and confirm your continued commitment to the UUSA. You are also invited to speak with our minister about supporting you with a meal, assistance from our discretionary fund, suggestions of community resources, and/or pastoral counseling. A silver pledge means you cannot contribute financially this year.
Blue comes in many shades; it is beautiful and thoughtful. A blue pledge comes from a household without a lot of money to give. Blue may come from a single parent household, or someone who is underemployed, living on Social Security, raising a large family or caring for others in their home. We gratefully recognize the “stretch” that comes with a blue pledge to support the UUSA. A blue pledge is between $5-50 per month,  $60-600 per year. 

Purple is majestic; it is a valuable part of this community. A purple pledge comes from a household that is comfortable but lives modestly. Purple may come from a family living on a fixed income, or that may have an income that is up one year and down the next. A purple pledge is a gift of intention to the UUSA. A purple pledge is between $51-125 per month $601-1,500 per year.

Green is a healthy, vibrant color. Green means life. Green means that you, or others in your household, have a reasonably good income. A green pledge comes from a household that can easily pay bills on time (unless they go in the recycling bin by accident!) and has cushion for family vacations or other discretionary spending. You might be green instead of red if you have kids in college or other circumstances affecting your discretionary income. A green pledge is between $126-375 per month, $1,501-4,500 per year. 
Red is bold; we are warmed by red’s gifts. You might give a red pledge if your household is financially comfortable. You have a well-paying job, a good pension or other assets. A red pledge comes from a household with a good amount of discretionary income; maybe you have recently traveled abroad, or you can if you choose. A red pledge is between $376-750 per month,  $4,501-9,000 per year. 
Gold shines brightly! Historically, the color has been associated with prosperity, and courage. A person or family who makes a gold pledge is facing a future of secure finances, has earned well via a salary, inheritance, or assets. Typically, a gold pledge comes from a person or family for whom travel is often possible, or who might own more than one home. A gold pledge is more than $750 per month, more than $9,000 per year. 

FY 25 Online Pledge Form

The following is a summary of the pledge suggestions along with a presentation of how many pledging units in our congregation were in each category over the past two years.

Link to Finance Update – context for our annual budget conversation

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