To donate to the UUSA….

To members and friends,

This congregation is sustained by the free support of its people. Your presence and participation in this community makes us all stronger. Since 1887, we have been a community of free faith, where all can seek truth and meaning and share life together. Today, we carry on that legacy with our Sunday services, our advocacy for the earth, support for social justice, our community breakfast, and our caring connections.

This beautiful community is made possible by the contributions of members and friends, and there are many ways that you can contribute to UUSA described below. We accept donations via check, credit card, bank draft, or PayPal (using the Donate button). Go to “How to Donate to the UUSA” below for directions.

Pledging to the UUSA

Our pledge campaign enables us to fund next year’s budget. Sustaining our community requires funding our staff and building maintenance, as well as our affiliation with the Unitarian Universalist Association. This enables us to support our worship and community support services, and robust programs for religious education, social action, pastoral care and much more.

We appreciate the money you place in the basket during the weekly offering, and when you pledge your intention for giving over the coming year, we can plan for a wonderful year together. Pledged amounts may be increased at any time during the year.

To access the FY2022 pledge form, click here.

Dedicated Offerings to Local Charities

Every month during the church year, we select a local community charity that needs additional support for the great work that they do. Our Dedicated Offering Team takes great care to pick organizations that align with our mission and values, and ones that will benefit by creating stronger community ties.

To support the latest dedicated offering, check the monthly newsletter to find the organization and indicate “dedicated offering for the organization (or the month)” on your check, credit card or PayPal payment (see below).

UUSA Endowment

Securing the future health of the UUSA community requires that we build a strong endowment to cover unexpected expenses and to weather budget shortfalls. From time to time, capital campaigns are also conducted for specific investments, such as the recent installation of our solar system, building insulation retrofits and organ preservation. For these needs, we accept contributions of money, financial assets, as well as property.

To make contributions to our endowment, please see our Gift Acceptance Policy and contact our office to discuss how to make your donation.

Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts are a perfect way to provide for UUSA’s future while making sound financial plans for yourself and your family. They ensure that our wonderful congregation will be vibrant for generations to come. Legacy gifts, sometimes called “planned gifts”, can have a tremendous impact on UUSA’s long-term financial strength. Gifts of all sizes are important and appreciated. Anyone can be a legacy giver.

For further information, contact the Stewardship Committee for more details, and read our Gift Acceptance Policy.

How to Donate to the UUSA

You can donate to the UUSA via check, credit card, bank draft, or PayPal. The preferred method of payment is by check, either a personal or bank check, mailed to the address listed below.  PayPal charges UUSA a transaction fee of 3% for online donations. To donate by Pay Pal, please use the donate button.

If you would like for your contribution to go towards a specific collection, please type ‘Pledge’ or ‘Dedicated Offering’ or ‘Donation’ in the Message Field.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Please mail your check (payable to UUSA) to:

PO Box 502
Amherst MA 01004-0502

We will never share your contact information with any other organizations without your consent.