Congregational Conversation

Please stay after service December 15 for a Congregational Conversation. Join all for a hearty spread provided by the Religious Education Ministry and Board of Trustees in the Willie Eaton Social Hall. Then return to the Sanctuary to reflect on the various transitions our congregation is currently engaging.

One particularly obvious transition is our size. Our membership numbers put us in the category of “mid-sized,” bigger than the “small” congregation we have been for decades. This growth means we are offering a safe and nurturing community for more people than ever before — which is certainly joyful news. Our growth also means that some of what we have always known is changing.

What opportunities and what challenges accompany our growth? What is likely to stay the same and what might change? And — as we continue to grow and spread our reasonable and embracing faith — what will be challenging to let go of and what will be exciting to take on?

We will have opportunities to praise what is going well and discern ways things could improve. Please join us n a guided conversation with members of the Board and Rev. Rachael.

Childcare is available