Congregational Picnic – Rain or Shine!

The Pastoral Care Team invites you to a congregational picnic from noon—3:00 p.m. at Groff Park (83 Mill Lane, Amherst). Come enjoy a fun afternoon with your UUSA friends of all ages at Amherst’s fabulous splash pad/water park.
If you wish to participate in a potluck, please bring the following dish along with serving utensils:

• A to G — Main dish
• H to M — Side dish/Salad
• N to Z — Dessert

Bring your own drinks. (If you prefer, you’re also welcome to bring your own lunch.)

To take care of our environment, please bring your own plates and utensils. Recycling and composting will be
available for a zero-waste event.

Kids, bring a bathing suit for “splash pad.” 

Meet Andrew Coate, our new Director of Religious Education, as he leads the children in games and

Maura Whalen will bring her guitar.