Final day to register for fall Covenant / Small Group Ministries

We are planning for a new worship season! And we hope you’ll consider joining a covenant group, also known as a small group. Covenant groups are gatherings of 7 to 9 people who meet regularly (once or twice a month) to get to know one another and to examine significant questions involving spirituality and how we live our lives. Meeting in small groups not only helps us develop closer ties with individuals but also nurtures our entire community. To hear from current UUSA members about their experience, click here.

We are planning on offering 6 small groups, beginning in October (4 will meet in person and 2 on Zoom).

Four groups will meet twice a month and two will meet once per month; meetings are usually 1.5 hrs long.
Let us know if you are interested! Questions: email or call Anne Louise White, Chair of Small Groups Ministry (contact Lea for the address or phone number if you do not have access to our online directory).