Monday Climate Action

Our Green Sanctuary Committee recommends that congregation members concerned about climate change join the Mass Power Forward unified Monday Climate Actions, promoting bold action on climate change legislation. Following is a description of the recommended action. (Which you can also find on the Climate Action Now Take Action Page.)
Call Your Legislators and the Speaker of the House to Demand Passage of Clean Energy Legislation
From now through the end of the session on July 31, we need to be escalating the pressure on our legislators in order to ensure that the bills we want will pass. We have 5-7 weeks to help influence what the House will do before it gets the Pacheco omnibus bill. That’s why every Monday we are encouraging you to make three calls. 
1. Your state representative
2. Your state senator
3. The Speaker of the House (617-722-2500)
You can find that contact information here:
Here’s what you do for each call: First: Contact the office and identify yourself as a constituent and identify the reason you are calling: My name is ____ and I’d like to urge the representative to speak to leadership about making the following clean energy policies happen:1. Increasing the renewable portfolio standard by 3%
2. Reforming the Department of Public Utilities (H.3400)
3. Implementing solar policies to benefit low-income communities (H.3396)
4. Codifying Environmental Justice regulations from the Patrick administration
5. Setting new emission standards for 2030 and 2040 under the Global Warming Solutions ActThese provisions are found in S.479, Senator Pacheco’s new climate bill and need to be passed.Next, give your personal reason for why you are supporting these policies.

Thank the staffer for their time and then LOG YOUR CALL at the bottom of this form.