Movie Screening of “Chasing Coral”: A documentary about the vanishing coral reefs.

Please join us to see this amazing movie. We just learned that NPR called Chasing Coral one of the ten best movies of 2017! And that it is “shortlisted” for an Oscar documentary. And will be seen at Sundance later this month. Obviously it is a special movie.

Members of UUSA’s Green Sanctuary Committee will present the beautiful and informative Netflix movie about climate change in our Willie Eaton Social Hall. Coral reefs are an integral part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and are dying at an unprecedented rate due to warming oceans. The filming includes gorgeous underwater photography and stories of scientists gathering real data in the ocean, which can be a peaceful or a stormy field site. It is a great way to be newly inspired to continue the process of trying to work against climate change. Free movie followed by discussion.

For more information about the movie, check out the website,