Radical Inclusivity: Access, Justice, and Leaning into Discomfort

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In this 1.5 hour workshop you’re invited to join in a brief community inquiry process to consider how we might increase access to people who might usually not show up in circles in which we are active. How might our groups be unconsciously limiting access to people with disabilities; people who cannot afford childcare; neurodivergent persons; nonbinary and transgender persons for whom “men’s” and “women’s” bathrooms might not work; and many others? How can we learn to joyfully lean into the discomfort of questioning whether we’re actively working to expand our capacity to be more inclusive — not because it’s “the right thing to do,” but because we all need a more inclusive world filled with the communities in which we want to live, raise our families, age, and die with dignity.


Web page: https://truthschool.org/event/radical-inclusivity-access-justice-and-leaning-into-discomfort/