Small Groups Open House (RSVP by February 5)

How do we in our Society get to know one another beyond the connections we make during worship service and social hour?

Our Covenant Groups Committee is inviting everyone in our community to consider joining a Small Group. Covenant Groups (also called Small Groups) are gatherings of seven to nine people who meet regularly (once or twice a month) to get to know one another and to examine significant questions involving spirituality and how we live our lives. Meeting in small groups not only helps us develop closer ties with individuals but also nurtures our entire community.

We will be starting new groups in February, and will offer several schedule options including once-a-month, and twice-a-month meetings. (The meetings generally last two hours.)

Here is a sampling of recent topics from existing small groups:

  • Share a poem or piece of music that has special significance for you.
  • Consider telling a brief story about a significant change at any point in your life that was completely unexpected.
  • How did you first learn about Native Americans? Did you have any stereotypes that grew out of these early experiences?
  • What helps you stay sane and safe during the pandemic? What is its impact on your spiritual life, its impact on your view of humanity?

On Sunday, February 7 we will host a Small Group Open House on Zoom from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. to give folks a sample of how these groups work. To help us prepare, please let Lea Douville know by February 5 if you plan on attending. Please email Lea or sign up here.

Thank you,
Small Groups Committee: Anne White, Mary Wyse, Gene Herman and Bill Cooksy