Timeline Sharing and Congregational Potluck Lunch

UUSA’s History/ Herstory/ Theirstory/ Yourstory

As part of our process of getting to know Rev. Rachael and bringing her into our community, the Transition Team has set up a “timeline” in the social hall. It is meant to give us a chance to share our past with each other and with her, and to begin the process of thinking about where we will go next as a congregation.

We invite you to add your own memories. For example: what do you know about Jeffrey Campbell, an African-American minister at UUSA? When did Shelter Sunday begin? When did we add a flaming chalice to our services? When was the first Connecticut River clean-up? When did you first suspect you were a UU’er? When did you first begin attending UUSA services? When did you become a member, get married here or have a child dedicated at UUSA?

We also invite you to begin thinking about our future. What do you love about UUSA now and want to keep? What changes would you like to see?

On Sunday, October 6, we will come together for a potluck lunch and share our findings. 


Suggested potluck contributions by last name:

A-E Salads F-K Main Dishes L-Q Desserts R-X Main Dishes