UUSA and Virtual Amherst Arts Night Plus

Enjoy artists, interviews, and music! Grab a drink and something to nibble. Amherst Media is broadcasting this virtual art walk on Ch. 15. You may also stream the program here:  https://tinyurl.com/ybj8flnx

The May Virtual Arts Night features the following artists and venues:

  • The Bower Studio presenting Opertura’s exhibit “Dream Reflection.”
  • Gallery A3 presenting artists Laura Holland and Janet Walerstein Winston.
  • UMass-UMCA presenting Amherst artist Avital Sagalyn. A discussion with Hugh Davies.
  • The Unitarian-Universalist Society presenting “Journey of a Wandering Angel.” The story behind the Tiffany stained glass window.

Plus special musical guests:

  • The O-Tones
  • The Jazz Mesmerizers, and
  • Chris Smither.