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As part of a sermon about “Interdependence“, the Reverend Rachael Hayes spoke to the UUSA on Sunday, January 22, 2023 about the proposed changes in Article II of the UUA Bylaws…
The Reverend Rachael Hayes – January 22, 2023
The Article II Study Commission recently shared their latest draft of new language for the section of the UUA Bylaws that contains our Purpose, Principles, and Sources. This is at least the third review of our core tenets since they were originally adopted in 1961. In fact, the Bylaws require us to revisit Article II on a regular basis. 

We are in a time of cultural transition. As your New England Region Team thinks about how congregations can shape change in this time, we are asking what we can learn from this practice of regular review of Article II. We wonder: Is your congregation able to reimagine your core values or core pieces of identity on a regular basis? What practices do you have to do this work? How willing and able is the congregation to empower a small diverse group of people to guide such a process? What practices do we see in the work of the Article II Study Commission that makes this kind of review more possible? How might Practices of Spiritual Leadership help us faithfully engage in this type of work? What would it take to make a similar process of regular review possible and meaningful in your congregation? 

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There is a nice, short introduction to the work of the Article II Study Commission below…

The full Article II Report may be found here:

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