Bob Romer: Slavery in the Valley – Five Heroes Who Resisted

Bob Romer is an active participant in our UU Society. He notes slavery was widespread in the Connecticut Valley in Colonial Times, when most of the “important people” (including almost all the ministers) owned two or three black slaves. Not all those who were enslaved accepted their condition. Bob will discuss five of those who, in one way or another, resisted, including Jenny (born in Africa, who lived most of her life as the property of the Deerfield minister), and Amos Newport (also born in Africa who lived most of his life as the property of a Hatfield farmer). Amos was the great-great- … great-grandfather of a new friend of Bob’s, Alyssia Bailey of Atlanta, who attended a UU service this past February.

Please note that childcare will not be available during the services of July 3 and 10. Two “busy bags” with items to help keep small ones entertained will be available in the foyer.


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