SERMON: The Layers of Our Unfoldment – The Reverend Cynthia A. Frado

Today we are celebrating Lifespan Religious Education and how it impacts our maturation process as well as our spiritual development. The layers of our unfoldment are many, and we are never finished opening to our potential and cultivating our inner sense of knowing.

During this morning’s service, members of the Coming-of-Age class will be presenting symbols of their childhood to their parents for safekeeping until they “cross the bridge” to Youth Group in late spring. Help us bear witness to the power and poignancy of this rite of passage in our RE program.

Do you know a family that is searching for a spiritual home? This would be a great Sunday to invite them to UUSA!

Please click here to read the sermon:  layers-of-our-unfoldment-cf-sermon-9-18-16

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