Weaving and Wending – Celebrating Beltane

We encourage you to attend our Sunday services in person. Sadly, masks are again required, given a recent rise in COVID numbers in our area.* You may also attend online. Click https://bit.ly/463gaOt Meeting ID: 998 5370 0822 PW: 599092 Or call in +1 646 876 9923 and enter Meeting ID: 998 5370 0822

As we move through the world we weave our lives in with all that is around us, interlocking and joining and growing apart and together as our own tapestry lengthens in our wake. From the Norns of Norse mythology to Greece’s Athena, the Mayan goddess Ixchel, Lithuania’s Laima-Dalia, ancient Egypt’s Neith, and Spider Woman of Diné tradition, weaving and spinning are seen as sacred work of women, weaving lives and fates and entire worlds. This year for Beltane we will honor the Earth as we dive into how we weave our own small part of this worldwide and generations-long tapestry.

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