Speaker: Carol Rothery


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The word home can evoke a place of comfort and joy or a more complicated vision that resonates with sadness. We will explore the meaning … read more.

The Fish Who Dares to Develop Lungs

Today is the second-to-last day of our meetinghouse’s 125th year. After our forebears joyfully opened its doors, they’d face hard times again and again. But they persevered, leading one minister to liken them to “the fish who dares to develop lungs.” As one year draws to a close and another begins, let’s reflect on what it takes to move from adversity into accomplishment – both as a community and in our personal lives.

An Exclusive Interview with Margaret Fuller

Join us to hear Margaret Fuller discuss her extraordinary life with Carol Rothery. Born in Boston in 1810, Margaret was considered one of the most brilliant minds in New England by the time she had reached her twenties. A respected colleague of Thoreau and Emerson, she was the only female member of the Transcendentalist Club and later became the editor of Club’s journal, The Dial. After a stint as a reporter for the New York Tribune, she traveled to Europe as a foreign correspondent to cover the 1848 revolution in Italy. Ms. Fuller will also discuss her best-selling book, Women in the Nineteenth Century.