Speaker: Glen Bertrand

White Fragility

Glen’s sermon will reflect on why it is so difficult for white folks to hear criticism and to accept responsibility for institutional racism. Although now associated with the First Congregational Church of Amherst, Glen has long been a friend of, and active participant in, our UU Society. He has  spoken  on several occasions from our pulpit, giving us inspiration and thought-provoking ideas. He was also one of the founders of the Wednesday morning Community Breakfast program.

Sanctuary: A Ministry of Presence

Please join us for our Social Action and Social Justice service. Our guest this morning, Glen Bertrand, will be speaking on the spiritual and moral implications of the sanctuary movement, its history and its principles. Glen has been a member of a sister congregation, First Congregational Church of Amherst, since March 2017. and has been deeply involved with their undocumented resident under protection.

Black Lives Matter

Glen Bertrand, an active member of our UU Society, returns to the pulpit today.

This service will include both a discussion and congregational meeting regarding Black Lives Matter, an important social movement.


Today is our Dedicated Offering Sunday. Our recipient will be the Southern Poverty Law Center.