Speaker: Janis Gray

Green Slime and Other Cherished Traditions

Let’s explore thanksgiving celebrations across different cultures, at the UU Society of Amherst, and within our own families – from wishbone tugs-of-war to weird and wiggly desserts. Tell us about some of yours!

The Longing of All Things

The title of this service comes from author Wendell Berry:
“The room of love is another world. . . . so small that two people can hold it in their arms, and yet it is bigger than worlds on worlds, for it contains the longing of all things to be together.”

The Fish Who Dares to Develop Lungs

Today is the second-to-last day of our meetinghouse’s 125th year. After our forebears joyfully opened its doors, they’d face hard times again and again. But they persevered, leading one minister to liken them to “the fish who dares to develop lungs.” As one year draws to a close and another begins, let’s reflect on what it takes to move from adversity into accomplishment – both as a community and in our personal lives.

Little House . . . Grateful Hearts: How we came to be

Come explore the history of our UU Society from its earliest days — long before the meetinghouse! — to the present through archival images, ancient accounts and the very hymns sung at our building’s dedication in 1893.