Speaker: Mary Herman

What Gives You Hope?

“Hope has to be seen to be believed. It has to be made visible. It has to be something we can feel and touch. We are called to be persons who embody hope for one another. We have to be each other’s partners … read more.

Wild Imaginings

The flurry of the holidays is behind us and a brand new year with its infinite possibilities and opportunities lies stretched out before us.   What might we need to do in order to fully embrace new possibilities, new and renewed dreams?  Join us as we say … read more.

What Does Love Require of Us?

It is said that the great project of the human condition is to learn how to love, love well, love fully.  Join us as we explore what we actually mean by love and how we can find greater connection and meaning in our friendships and relationships

Our speaker, Mary Herman, is a UU Affiliate Minister and Ethical Culture Clergy.

Change of Heart

Change. The word is enough to make some people shudder in anticipation – like waiting for the other shoe to drop. For others, it’s the juice that involves greater awareness and commitment to what truly matters. Whether or not we choose it, change comes upon us and by choosing to see more, to see differently, to try on new perspectives, it becomes more possible to love, to help, and to create justice. Today we’ll explore what can cause a change of heart and a new way of seeing the world.

Mary Herman, a member of our UU Society, is a UUA Affiliate Minister. 

What Endures

The poet Philip Levine wrote, “Some things/ you know all your life.They are so simple and true/ they must be said without elegance, meter and rhyme/ they must be laid out on the table beside the salt-shaker, the glass of water . . . “ What are the things that endure in your life, the very things among so many that you value most of all? We will consider where the material world leaves off and the realm of dignity, identity, love, and meaning in our lives begins.

Mary Herman, a UUA Affiliate Minister and a member of our UU Society, will speak at the last of our summer services before our regular congregational year resumes.