Speaker: Rev. Alison Wohler

I am delighted and honored to have been called to serve the Amherst congregation. We are a diverse congregation that cares deeply about each other and about making a difference in the larger world, too. I believe you can get a good sense of my naturalistic theology and understandings of our human condition by reading some of my sermons posted on this web-site.

Flower Children, All

As the wonderfully diverse flowers that we all are, what new and exciting bouquets await in our futures? We must think of our parting as an opportunity for new adventures, for me and for you. What awaits the UU Society of Amherst? Amazing things, I … read more.

Snapshots of a Ministry

Such memories we have made together.  Such accomplishments.  I’ll share some of the highlights for me, and express my gratitude.

Our annual congregational meeting will follow the service.

Principled Music

Music Director Brenda Miller, the choir and Alison will bring you a participatory service with songs full of meaning that we have not forgotten and that will last for generations to come.

Doubt and Uncertainty

These are good things.  Not to worry.  Doubt and uncertainty, and their cousin humility, are woven into the fabric of our Unitarian Universalist way of doing religion.  The sermon I gave to the UUSA search committee on my pre-candidating weekend was called “Living with Uncertainty.”  They had … read more.

Healing Circle

Alison, Jess Murphy, Libby Walton-Stanforth and Mary Wyse will lead a healing circle service, including a guided meditation by Jess.  After your busy holiday season this may be just the thing.  This service will serve as an introduction to a new offering of the Pastoral Care Team: Healing … read more.

The Anticipation of Possibility

The ancient Christmas story, and also the addition of Santa to the season, are both stories of hope and anticipation.  So much possibility exists in the moment of Christmas Eve.  For what is it you hope?  Are you open to the birth of Love?  Can … read more.

A Family Christmas Eve

A time of music and song, stories and reflection, this 45-minute family-friendly service ends with the classic lighting of candles and the singing of Silent Night.   “Each night a child is born is a holy night.”

[There will be a reception in the Willie Eaton Social Hall … read more.