Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Adele Smith-Penniman

Harvesting Hope in Perplexing Times

Our litany of woes may be substantial: a world which knows war more than peace; a loved one facing serious illness; a neighbor fearing eviction…. How might we approach challenge with grace? How might we cultivate hope in the tiny plot of earth we each tend?

The Rev. Dr. Adele Smith-Penniman is delighted to return to Amherst. A retired UU minister, Adele has worked in parish, social justice and educational settings. She lives in the woods of Wendell and enjoys her cel-lo, weaving, and (above all) her grandchildren.

Seeking Wisdom Amidst a Cold Rain

February dampness can chill our bones but all the great traditions suggest ways to move through discomfort. Focusing on Buddhist principles we will examine how we might come face to face with distress, embracing both light and shadow as we seek to create a more just world.
We are pleased to welcome The Rev. Dr. Adele Smith-Penniman back to our pulpit this morning. She is a retired UU minister who lives in the woods of Wendell. A mother, grandmother, social activist, and dabbler in cello and art, her doctoral thesis is entitled Buddhist Resources in Pastoral Care.